About UFO

Our mission is to provide a superior online platform for artists, fans and music enthusiasts to receive up-to-date news and information on the electronic music scene and beyond.  Founded in Boulder, Colorado, UnifiedFunkOption.com has continued to support the local and nationwide music scene, and provides the insight and sophistication that is so often lacking with most “cheap date” mp3 blogs.  With a growing readership across the United States—as well as Internationally—and support from fans and artists alike, UFO seeks to become the voice behind the musical experience.

With over ten combined years of experience, the founders of UnifiedFunkOption.com have been dedicated to enhancing and contributing to the local and national music scenes. Prior to launching the website, the members of UFO were constantly engaged in:

  • Working with prominent record labels (1320 Records, Madison House, ELM and OAK, MCP Presents, etc.)
  • Interviewing internationally-renowned artists
  • Coordinating shows/productions/events
  • Organizing safe transportation to and from shows throughout Colorado
  • Writing artist, concert and festival press reviews
  • Producing professional quality photo/video at concerts
  • Working closely with artists, labels, promoters, venues, non-profits and everyone else involved with the music scene

UnifiedFunkOption.com was created in order to serve as a platform on which people from around the world could interact and be welcomed into the music culture.  Constantly striving to connect the dots between different international influences in music, UFO supports a vision that music is truly the universal language that we can all speak together.

When the cosmos unites in celebration, what will be the anthem to ignite the funky spark in every living being? What do you think it should be?

Your thoughts?

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