SINGLE :: thenewno2 :: “Make It Home”

This is truly one of those love-at-first-listen situations for myself, and SoundCloud is the matchmaker.  The first things that came to mind when I listened to thenewno2 (The New Number Two) were 60’s psychedelia that has a modern twist with prominent synthesizer ambiance.  The London-based band is preparing to release thefearofmissingout at the end of July and have recently debuted the single “Make It Home”.

thenewno2 :: Make It Home

Thenewno2 might be grouped-in with contemporaries like AWOLNATION, but touch an otherworldly vibe with their simple melodic movements that compliment and contradict each other in an impressive fashion.  A chugging kick drum and swirling piano line serve as the heart beat for Dhani Harrison‘s voice, which is eerily similar to his father’s.  Keeping the psychedelia high, thenewno2 use modern dubstep-inspired synthesized wobbles-and-growls to twist time and space that gives “Make It Home” a modern mind altering experience.  It originally wasn’t what I expected from modern psychedelic music, but thenewno2 tap into many different decades of psychedelia and harvest an energy that is genuine.


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