SINGLE // Sascha Dive :: “Deep In Rhythm”

Everybody knows that some of the best techno and house comes out of Germany.   That’s no surprise.  But what is a surprise is when Denver can attract serious underground talent like Sascha Dive.  Believe me, folks, the show tonight is going to be a big one.  Sascha Dive is throwing down with DJ W!ld, already featured here on UFO, TONIGHT at a 1am-6:30am party at a still TBA venue.

There will be dancing.  There will be drinking.  There will be revelry.  And there are sure as hell going to be people, much like yourselves, slapping themselves for missing this party.  To get you ready, here’s Sascha Dive‘s song, “Deep In Rhythm.”

Sascha Dive :: Deep In Rhythm


*** LINKS ***

Sascha Dive :: Website
Sascha Dive :: Facebook
Sascha Dive :: SoundCloud

Facebook page for Sascha Dive and DJ W!ld show 

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