SINGLE // LA Riots vs Jordy Lishious vs LDR :: Lumpy Videogames (Hook N Sling Bootleg)

Lana Del Rey broke into the music scene this year with slow tragic songs, telling stories of the past and she quickly became a playlist favorite.  Angus and Julia Stone have always been the go-to group in the land down under.  We all have a sick and twisted hunger for  beautiful music that hurts to listen to — perhaps because it makes us reflect on failed relationships or the general tragedy of the human condition.  Thanks to Australian Hook N Sling, we can all enjoy our melancholy favorites without feeling like complete garbage.

Hook N Sling‘s skill for revamping downer tracks was seen with “Take You Higher”  and he’s done it again with “Lumpy Videogame”.  Hook N Sling dilutes the downer vibes of a song with light and airy background melodies that melt his tracks into a more playful reminded of our past.

Here’s one of his mixes to give you a more rounded view of Hook N Sling.

*** LINKS ***

Hook N Sling :: Official Website
Hook N Sling :: Facebook
Hook N SLing :: SoundCloud

LA Riots :: SoundCloud

Jordy Lishious :: Official Website

LDR :: SoundCloud

By ashufo Posted in Music

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