SINGLE // Christian Löffler :: “Eleven” feat. Mohna

Christian Löffler is a bit of an unknown deep/tech house producer/dj from northern Germany that incorporates a much more “natural” vibe to his music.  This track “Eleven” is certainly one of my favorites from A Forest, his new EP that was produced in a small, one-room cottage in the forest near Usedom (he’s like the Bon Iver of German house).

Christian Löffler :: Eleven

Christian wrote that he built each track from organic and natural sounds, like the sound of leaves and breaking waves.  From this he built a fantastic EP that certainly pulls away from the industrial sound that is found in so much house music today.  When listening to “Eleven”, instead of picturing yourself driving home from downtown grooving to some Stefano Noferini or Doctor Dru, imagine more of a long drive home from the mountains with the vocals as your compass.

*** LINKS ***

Christian Löffler :: website
Christian Löffler :: SoundCloud
Christian Löffler :: Facebook
Christian Löffler :: YouTube


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