VIDEO // Gary Clark Jr. :: When My Train Pulls In

Advancing technology and genre fusion these days means that it has become disappointingly easy to gloss over the art of folk traditions.  The blues guitar used to RUN shit in this country.  Sure, we now have the big names of Dan Auerbach and Jack White looming around, and some classic acts that are still rocking it and refusing to retire, but I say it’s about time for a new name to rise to prominence and give the blues the revival it needs.  And ladies and gentleman, that name is Gary Clark Jr.

Click the image to watch Gary Clark Jr. perform “When My Train Pulls In” live.

This video of Gary Clark Jr. performing “When My Train Pulls In” was filmed live in Clarksdale (seems appropriate), Mississippi for the 2012 O Music Awards.  I had the great privilege of seeing Gary Clark Jr. at Wakarusa this year and it was one of the most powerful shows I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing.  With blues hooks like Hendrix and that driving rhythm like Auerbach, this is a man that has a remarkable level of control over his instrument.

If you look on Facebook, you’ll see that compared to the multimillion person fan base of the big names like The Black Keys and The White Stripes, Gary Clark Jr. has (as I am writing this) 67,428.  So everybody, go out there and get on board with a musician that will certainly become among the most memorable from this era of music.


Gary Clark Jr. :: Website
Gary Clark Jr. :: Facebook


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