SINGLE :: The Kid Daytona // “Cuban With The Jesus Piece”

The Kid Daytona is a New York native representing the Bronx, one of many rappers who have managed to fuel a career purely on blog love.  Yesterday he dropped a track from his upcoming LP Summer Games, and with a flossy summer-in-the-city vibe it seems fitting that he borrow a line from Biggie Smalls and name it “Cuban With The Jesus Piece.”

The Kid Daytona :: Cuban With The Jesus Piece

My two cents?  Daytona sounds like a “less husky” version of Biggie and Daytona‘s flow is even more reminiscent of Tha Big Poppa.  There is nothing urgent about Daytona‘s track as he very calmly glides from beginning to end and never seems out of place with his vocal-timing and inflection.  Daytona lyrically stitches together a Bronx summer filled with pools, girls, champagne, and even the occasional job interview.  I really appreciate his ability to incorporate his lyrical delivery as an addition to a track instead of overwhelming it.  Daytona‘s vision is firmly grounded in NYC, but his reach is ultimately limitless.


The Kid Daytona :: Facebook
The Kid Daytona :: Twitter
The Kid Daytona :: Soundcloud


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