SINGLE // DJ W!ld :: Dream of Me

It’s another big weekend for techno and tech-house in Denver.  This weekend, Sascha Dive and DJ W!ld are coming to an as-of-yet unknown location, and paired with the weekend after Norad Dance Bar‘s opening should make for a good Saturday night.  To get you ready for the weekend, I’ll be supplying you with a track by DJ W!ld today, called “Dream of Me,” and a Sascha Dive track tomorrow.

DJ W!ld :: Dream of Me

“Dream of Me” is exactly the sort of sexy, deep, and dark house we’ve come to count on from DJ W!ld and what you can expect on Saturday night.  Sascha Dive and DJ W!ld are playing with H-Foundation at 1am on Sunday morning, so if you need something to do until then, check out Norad Dance Bar where Danny Daze will be spinning.  They’ve even got a $20 for entry to both events.


DJ W!ld :: Facebook
DJ W!ld :: Resident Advisor
DJ W!ld :: SoundCloud 

Sascha Dive and DJ W!ld Facebook event page


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