SINGLE // SunSquabi :: Freedom

Very few of Boulder’s locals have seen such a quick rise upwards as SunSquabi.  Starting off their career on the main stage at Red Rocks for Global Dance Festival was an epic first step, and it’s hard to doubt they deserved it after also landing spots at Wakarusa, Sonic Bloom, and their first headlining show at the Bluebird.  

Easy enough to dismiss it all as luck, but their newest track “Freedom” is honing in on that special magic that will ensure these guys keep going up.  There’s an expert contrast built between the spacy and the raging (perfectly complemented by the sweet melodies of Kevin Donohue’s guitar)  to create a unique style that they described best as “Intergalactic Hydrofunk.”  I describe it as “completely sold.”

We have River Beats to look forward to grooving with these guys again, but be sure to keep an eye out because before you know it SunSquabi will be a household name.


SunSquabi :: Facebook
SunSquabi :: SoundCloud


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