SINGLE// Porter Robinson :: Vandalism (Dirtyloud Remix)

Okay, so the original is found in pretty much every house fans’ libraries by now.  However, a new three-track Porter Robinson remix EP was dropped a few days ago with some remixes that seemed… a bit late to the party.  Dirtyloud released an in-your-face dubstep remix of “Vandalism” that struck me on two fronts.  First, I was actually pretty impressed with how they incorporated such a heavy sound with the iconic vocal melody from the original, and secondly I have to give them props for how the Dirtyloud sound has progressed through in the last few years.

Porter Robinson :: Vandalism (Dirtyloud Remix)

The old-school style heard in tracks like “Dirtymind“and their “Bad Self” remix seem to have been retired, as Dirtyloud has progressed towards a vibe more similar to their “Rock it Roll It” remix.  I want to take this example and reach out to everyone and ask the question, has dubstep become the gravitational pull for a lot of electro artists?  Will there even be a difference in another year’s time?  I dig the new track, but I just could’t help but to be drawn to the progression of Dirtyloud‘s style throughout the last few years and how it almost has paralleled the dubstep “takeover” of electronica.

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