SINGLE // James Vega :: “Tank You ((feat. Alannah Cruz))”

One of the best qualities that EDM and hip-hop share is the ability to constantly offer something current and fresh from both the mainstream and underground worlds alike.  James Vega and Yosef Una are Colorado natives who are working hard to gain some footing in the Colorado musical landscape, and their latest effort, the BNGERS X TRTH EPis filled with vivid visions of a life neatly constrained by the chains of suburbia.  The highlight of BNGERS X TRTH is packed into the 5-minute R&B/Hip-Hop slow-jam “Tank You (feat. Alannah Cruz).”

James Vega :: Tank You (feat. Alannah Cruz)

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Vega‘s smooth and calculated delivery mixes beautifully with Yosef Una‘s song-production which is simply fascinating and equals the brilliance of Frank Ocean’s recent release “Pyramids.”  Vega doesn’t tell you how many kilos he’s pushed, how many fools he’s off’ed, or about how many bitches he has on the streets; instead he chooses to give “tanks” for the simpler life that, for him, is clearly based around the love of family.  Una‘s production along with Vega‘s mic-swag create a drama that only EDM and hip-hop combined seem to develop.


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