SINGLE // Young Pradda :: Run It ((feat. Lil Texas))

This might be one from left-field, actually it’s from beyond left-field and possibly further than I originally thought.  Young Pradda is a relative newcomer to the hip-hop scene, hailing from North Carolina but nonetheless keeping it durty like the South.  Along with a track produced by upcoming trap-ist Trap Arnold (which was released earlier this week), Pradda dropped this swagged-out collaboration with producer Lil Texas on SoundCloud a few days ago and the rapid-fire rhymes got me all spun.

 Pradda :: Run It

“Run It” is a great introduction into Young Pradda‘s breathless delivery.  Pradda‘s verses don’t lag as they keep pace with the staccato hi-hat, and half of the fun is listening enough times to turn chaos into clarity.  Pradda doesn’t offer a chorus to “Run It” until the last half of the song, well-after he’s unleashed a full clip of lyrical-bullets into the track.  It’s less of a chorus and more of an outro that lets you collect your thoughts after being assaulted by a full minute of lyrical gun-fire.

Check out the aforementioned track with Trap Arnold for more of a “based” feel (even the beat sounds like an update on The Pack‘s playbook) before it snaps back into a more coordinated flow.  Just like “Run It”, this is just pure delirious fun.


Young Pradda :: Soundcloud
Young Pradda :: Facebook
Young Pradda :: Twitter


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