FEATURE // Roy RosenfelD :: I’m Fat Let’s Party EP

Roy RosenfelD is back, and even if he’s let himself go a little while on tour he’s clearly still hungry for more.  RosenfelD clearly isn’t lazy, churning out releases on nine different labels in a single year.  After the pretty fantastic and unique “progelechno” of Oh My Lord EP on Dim Mak Records a couple months ago, he’s now working with 1605 Records to burn away beer bellies with the I’m Fat Let’s Party EP.

Buy the I’m Fat Let’s Party EP on Beatport here —>

Both tracks are tech house movers spiced with a little sub-bass doom and a hint of funky breaks.  I’m especially fond of the second track “Paid Off.”  Even though I’d want to give a lot of credit to Roy RosenfelD for being unique, “Paid Off” is exactly what comes to my mind when I think about deep, funky house.

*** LINKS ***

Roy RosenfelD :: website
Roy RosenfelD :: SoundCloud
Roy RosenfelD :: Facebook
Roy RosenfelD :: Twitter


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