FEATURE // Robotic Pirate Monkey :: Colors in Disguise Remixes

Very pleased to announce that Robotic Pirate Monkey‘s Colors in Disguise is getting a facelift with a lot of local love.  Contributions from Knight RiderzSunSquabi, CrushendoheRobustUnlimited GravityPapa Skunk, Fisk and many more make this hefty remix pack.  Regardless of whether you are an RPM fan or not, this is absolutely worth a download for an intimate look at a who’s who of Denver bass.  I’m very happy to see so many of my friends coming together on this one, and it’s a nice surprise to see a few new faces like Late Night Radio’s surprisingly good take on “More Noize.”  Expect to hear some of these stems in RPM‘s live sets, meaning to say that the trio is going to have a LOT of new firepower at their upcoming shows.

*** LINKS ***

Robotic Pirate Monkey :: website
Robotic Pirate Monkey :: SoundCloud
Robotic Pirate Monkey :: Facebook
Robotic Pirate Monkey :: Twitter


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