SINGLE // Michael Woods :: Demo

UK producer Michael Woods has created some heavy house tracks in the past with angry rhythms that are dangerously addictive.  This new demo is no exception! Woods puts a new spin on the bass by giving it a metallic twang you can feel in your teeth; it’s like biting aluminum.  There’s something about Michaels Woods‘ style that hurts so good that it doesn’t hurt at all.

The song will be released as a demo this Wednesday (July 4th), and before that time Michael Woods is asking fans to come up with names for the track.  Submit it on this Facebook post — five runner-ups will be chosen on Monday and move on to a big fan vote.  The suggestions are pretty weak so far (except for the odd, patriotic homage “Spangled”) so throw down some ideas and make this a 4th to remember!

Also, be sure check out his new remix of Marina & the Diamonds “POWER & CONTROL” for a rare moment of tenderness from Michael Woods.


Michael Woods :: Official Site
Michael Woods :: Soundcloud
Michael Woods :: Facebook


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