VIDEO // JJ Grey :: Sound Pass With JJ Grey

Nobody knows soul like JJ Grey.  Whether rocking with Mofro or playing as a one man band, it’s easy to be captivated by his impressive level of talent, the profound messages in his songs and a voice that’s on the “ham hock in your cornflakes” level of soul.  It’s not often that down-home Americana pops up on UFO but JJ Grey is a great place to start for people who are interested in real instruments and a little grit.

In his latest video, we get the opportunity to see JJ Grey performing guitar, vocals, harmonica, and drums at the same time.  Three live songs with authentic Southern soul is somewhat contradictorily delivered at the Pabst brewhouse in Milwaukee — probably one of the more Yankee locations you could choose — but the intimate setting gives a great look at what makes JJ Grey an artist to watch.


JJ Grey & Mofro :: Facebook
JJ Grey & Mofro :: Website
JJ Grey & Mofro :: Myspace


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