SINGLE // Destiny’s Child :: Say My Name ((Cyril Hahn Remix))

While hopping around the web yesterday, I happened to come across this little number on one of my favorite blogs to occasionally visit. I usually don’t check out Desinty’s Child remixes on the regs, but when I saw it was posted I had to check it out. I’m very happy i did and am very excited to bring to you the mother of all Desinty’s Child remixes. This low key banger comes from a not-so-well-known, only 138 likes currently on facebook, Vancouver-based producer that goes by the name of Cyril Hahn. This dude did this song so right. A bad ass tech house beat, bumpin bassline, dash of bongo’s, with a deep, soulful rework on Beyonce’s beautiful voice. Cyril Hahn, who’s forte seems to be in remixes’ and mash ups, really broke through with this one and has gotten 50,324 plays, and counting, since he posted this beat 12 days ago. Absurd. If that doesn’t say something about this track, your ignorant. Please, enjoy.

Destiny’s Child :: Say My Name ((Cyril Hahn Remix))

On a side note, Unified Funk Option is getting involved with donations for families and communities affected by the horrible forest fires throughout Colorado. For every “Like” we get on Facebook we will donate 5 cents. “Like” our page on Facebook and help us contribute to those in need. Thank you.


Cyril Hahn :: Soundcloud

Cyril Hahn :: Facebook

Cyril Hahn :: Tumblr


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