PHOTOS // Avicii @ Red Rocks :: Morrison, CO :: 6/26/12

Avicii delivered majectic innuendos of paradise through the speakers of Red Rocks last night, combining eye candy and special effects with a rageworthy performance.  Despite an unexpectedly early night (11:30) and disappointed night owls, an electric current ran through the crowd as lights pooled on their faces.  Candy girls and indie guys smiled like they were keeping a secret.

Everyone was feeling good and looking hot.  Some girls strutted around in fishnets and sequined bras, while others tok a more conservative rave approach with simply a bare midriff.  All had winged eye make-up and smatterings of crystals outlining cheekbones and cleavage.  Most guys rocked thick summer tank tops and disheveled but sexy bed hair.  Backward haps and neon sunglasses with no lenses dotted the crowd.

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At the center of everything, Avicii mounted the top of a white mannequin head and positioned himself as the brain of the large, empty face.  Several rows of lights trailed bright patters along the stage and animated the blank mannequin head with 3-D mapping technology; other lights shot grids of strobes into the audience.  All around, it was as impressive as any Fourth of July firework display Red Rocks has ever seen.

And with his mannequin mind control, Avicii created a musical journey for the audience to ride out the night.  The combination of explosive visuals and pulsing house music was indestructible.  We danced through Spartan marching tunes which were eerie and forceful, then into some uplifting disco-flavored swag and finally onto popular crowd-pleasers you could see coming from a mile away.  Red Rocks erupted in cheers and screamed along to a remix of Gotye‘s “Somebody That I Used To Know.”

The “Le7els” tour is an extravagant production, spoiling its audience with large-scale entertainment rewards that make your cheeks tingle with pleasure.  Avicii transforms his stage into a grandiose treasure box of sound, making it impossible to do anything but dance.


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