SINGLE // Indigo & Synkro :: Guidance

Over in England, the city of Manchester (hell, damn near the whole country for that matter) has been pumping out some amazing electronic music.  This morning’s track, courtesy of Indigo & Synkro is no exception.  I’ve posted out Synkro a couple times now, I think, and that’s really just the start.  This track cuts very deep with super liquid synths in the background and a very interesting drum beat pushing it along.  Add in the vocals, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a future garage and DnB inspired track.  Press play on “Guidance,” and I’ll be surprised if you don’t listen the whole way through.  And then again.

Indigo, Synkro :: Guidance

*** LINKS ***

Synkro :: Resident Advisor
Synkro :: Facebook
Synkro :: SoundCloud

Indigo :: Resident Advisor
Indigo :: Facebook
Indigo :: Tumblr


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