PHOTOS // Classixx @ The Bluebird Theater ((6.23.12))

After a blistering day in the city of Denver, marathon concert goers from the Westword Music Festival in Denver were awarded with an official after party at the Bluebird Theater.   Shannon Von Kelly kicked off the evening to a sparse crowd that slowly trickled in through the doors throughout his set in order to escape the weekend heat-wave.  A Denver-local and frequenter of Beauty Bar and the Meadowlark, he stirred the musical pot and warmed-up the early arrivals before passing the torch to Boyhollow, yet another Denver-local and founder of the Friday night party, LipglossBoyhollow kicked it up to another level when he dropped his remix of “Dance Yrself Clean” by LCD Soundsystem.  By now the people who were too nervous to start dancing were no longer inert.  Michael David and Tyler Blake, the duo that is Classixx, took the stage at midnight and they came out swinging.

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The Bluebird wasn’t packed, despite a fair amount of spillover from both Sonic Bloom and the Westword Music Festival.  The diverse crowd ranged from individuals barely sneaking past the 16+ age restriction to graduate college students who all seemed to know exactly why this was not a show to miss.  The thin crowd allowed for the party-hungry freaks to get their party on while the Classixx first timers slowly slipped on their dancing shoes (except for the oddly large number of people with casts, crutches, and slings).

Even though the usual norm for artists in their realm these days is to flabbergast the crowd with an amazing light show, the music of Classixx carried the night’s momentum.  This was the third stop on the Classixx‘s summer tour, and they didn’t seem to bring an arsenal of lights as they performed on a table under the Bluebird’s house lights.  The casual, laid-back environment off stage put Classixx into somewhat of a comfortable, autopilot mode while they fed the unfixed crowd a multi-course audible meal of new wave disco funk.  If the venue were to have been packed from wall to wall things may have been different, but sometimes it is shows like this that strike a relaxing note within the electronic music scene which is normally a full throttle and ultimately exhausting environment.

People began to trickle out of the venue around 1:00 am, but the remaining crowd wasn’t going to budge, nor slow their pace.  At 1:30, the cutoff time listed in the sound booth, Classixx left the stage and shortly thereafter the house lights came on as if the show was over, but Mike and Tyler disagreed with that move and came out to squeeze one last banger in before letting the crowd escape onto Colfax Ave.  Overall, Classixx closed out a long day of music and high temperatures in the city of Denver.  The question is, will they return with their guns loaded and pack the house?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see on their next visit to the Mile High City.


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