SINGLE // Marcus D :: “Third Person ft. One Be Lo”

I’ve never been way into hip-hop, but there are certain producers that consistently put out amazing tracks.  Among them are people like Nujabes, Fat Jon…. and Marcus D.  I first heard about Marcus D through his work as 1/2 of Boy Alloy, way back when I ran my old blog, Stylings By Jeffrey.  Since then, I’ve been hooked on his super jazzy and silky smooth production.  Give Marcus D a search on Youtube, and I guarantee you’ll find those qualities in all his music.  Out of Seattle, Marcus D has been working consistently with amazing EmCees like Substantial (obviously), One Be Lo (on this track),  Cise Star, and many others.  His album, Melancholie Hopeful, was very recently released, so I hit him up to see if he’d be kind enough to provide us a track for UFO’s listening.  If this track doesn’t motivate you to at least go out and listen to the whole thing, if not buy it, then you need to clean your ears out.  With that said, here’s “Third Person ft. One Be Lo.”  Unfortunately, I’m not offering it up for download, but consider that your motivation to get a copy of Melancholie Hopeful.

Marcus D :: Third Person ft. One Be Lo


Marcus D :: Bandcamp
Marcus D :: Facebook
Marcus D :: Twitter
Marcus D  :: Tumblr


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