SINGLE // Main Attrakionz :: Women We Chase (Produced By Friendzone)

Back at it like a crack addict, The Oakland-based hip-hop duo, Main Attrakionz, drops their new single this week, titled “Women We Chase.” This track is that perfect combination of thuggish-ruggish rhymes and the dirtiest down tempo beat produced by one of my favorite producers blowing it up right now, FriendzoneMain Attrakionz came around last year with their break through album, 808s and Dark Grapes II, off the МИШКА label. The album features one of my favorite tracks “Title 1 Ft. A$AP Rocky“, also titled “Leaf” off LiveLoveA$AP, that originally drew me to their raw, insensitive style that bleeds bay area.

Main Attrakionz :: Women We Chase (Produced By Friendzone)

Friendzone really hooked it up fat on this one. This beat will engulf you in dreamy melodies, PHat basslines, and heavenly vocals that will give you the munchies for sure. These dudes are responsible for a number of other Main Attrakionz beats, including “Church”and “Perfect skies”, also featured on the 808s and Dark Grapes II release. Ive been following Friendzone ever since i heard their instrumental of “Church” back in July, and when i saw this post up on their news feed i knew had to give it a good look. These dudes always provide the perfect beat you know you can get down with.

Main Attrakionz :: Women We Chase (Produced By Friendzone)


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