SINGLE // Joey Negro + Jakatta :: American Dream ((Supernova Remix))

Supernova is “destined to rise” if they continue to pump out tracks with this much class and groove. Their hybrid live/dj sets truly bring out the nature of their organic instrumentation that they have been able to bring to the EDM world. This remix of Joey Negro + Jakatta’s track “American Dream” has a tech house and beach-like feel that is perfect for this massive heat wave of a week. Cleverly enough, Joey Negro and Jakatta are pseudonym alias’ for Dave Lee, a veteran dj/producer. Although “American Dream” had its hay day back in 2000 as it topped the UK charts, Supernova revitalizes it with some incredible melodies and breakdowns with this remix.

BONUS — Here’s a video for the original “American Dream”

*** LINKS ***

Supernova :: website
Supernova :: SoundCloud
Supernova :: Facebook
Supernova :: Twitter
Supernova :: Resident Advisor


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