SINGLE // Flux Pavilion :: Bass Cannon ((heRobust Remix))

Each day seems to bring forth new evidence that future trap has a magical restorative property, like some crazy wrinkle cream for music with baggy eyes and liver spots.  As with the extreme example of Candyland‘s “Sandstorm” remix turning the world’s most tired techno tune into the surprise hit of the summer, the up-and-coming genre that is future trap is slowly conquering the musical landscape one remix at a time.

I should have seen it coming that one of my new favorites, Atlanta’s heRobust, would be one of the producers who would be really good at it.  Flux Pavilion‘s “Bass Cannon” gets the typical trap treatment: remove some of the overeager energy and replace it with a little trill and a loooong, slow bass boom.

Flux Pavilion :: Bass Cannon (heRobust Remix)

Download from Facebook by following this link —>

It will only be a matter of time when, just like every other buzzy genre du jour, future trap runs out of steam, it starts to counterproductively ruin the songs it remixes, and that will be the moment EVERYONE makes trap remixes of everything.  For now, let’s just enjoy a simpler time where future trap is the new, hot shit.

*** LINKS ***

heRobust :: website
heRobust :: SoundCloud
heRobust :: Facebook


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