SINGLE // Cosby Sweater :: The Huxtable Hustle

If you’re browsing around SoundCloud and happen upon an artist named Cosby Sweater playing a song called “Huxtable Hustle,” you aren’t about to just pass that one by.  This happened to me late last night and I could not be happier, because that is when my night got a little bit funkier.

This super groovy track draws some Middle Eastern influence (that I am always pleased to hear in electronic music) and has some very well crafted sax melodies that really drive the song, along with that wonderfully grimy bass of course.

Based out of Indianapolis, this trio just got signed by Madison House here in Boulder is about to release their first EP and unleash the awesome upon the masses. Check the song out, keep an eye out for the EP to drop, and get ready, because we’re going to be seeing these guys around Boulder real soon.


Cosby Sweater :: website
Cosby Sweater :: SoundCloud
Cosby Sweater :: Facebook


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