SINGLE // Gramatik :: Don’t Let Me Down ((Gramatik Vs. The Beatles))

Rarely do artists have the ability to look back at their early catalog and recreate a track from a different time and space.  Gramatik comes from humble beginnings as a Slovenian rapper.  Just to put this into perspective, his native langue (Slovene) is usually only spoken within the boarders of Slovenia.  As a young aspiring rapper, Gramatik found solace within The Beatles‘ soulful R&B ballad, “Don’t Let Me Down,” and recorded lyrics over it.  Now six years later, Gramatik strips the track of his hip-hop verses and delivers the latest addition the Gramatik discography, “Don’t Let Me Down (Gramatik Vs. The Beatles)”.

I may be guilty of being a “fan-boy” when it comes to Gramatik‘s music, I’ll admit that.  But after his recent release #DigitalFreedom, there aren’t many negatives one can point out with Gramatik‘s producing.  “Don’t Let Me Down (Gramatik Vs. The Beatles)” keeps a sharp focus on analog instruments as Gramatik brings multiple guitar riffs and a beautifully placed electric organ to the forefront of the track.  With instrumentals firmly in place, The Beatles‘ vocal harmonies sooth a listener into a trance and move seamlessly in-and-out of the production.  This track serves as an excellent reminder that one has to remember the past to move into the future.


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Gramatik :: Pretty Lights Music Record Label


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