SINGLE // Julio Bashmore :: Troglodytes

With all the attention put on future sounds from music bloggers and their favorite artists, it’s a breath of fresh air when someone goes back.  Way back, back into time… when the only people that existed were troglodytes.

Julio Bashmore is one of those producers that you simply must keep a close eye upon.  How does someone with 3,310 SoundCloud followers round up 25,000 plays on one track in three days?  The answer, I suppose, is that you are Julio Bashmore.  “Troglodytes” is a bit of smooth house fueled by a primal flute sound beckoning you back to the days of cave raves, one of the best kinds of raves (right behind space raves, of course).

BONUS — Here is the source audio and a very silly video from Jimmy Castor.

*** LINKS ***
Julio Bashmore :: SoundCloud
Julio Bashmore :: Facebook
Julio Bashmore :: Twitter


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