SINGLE // Bart B More and Harvard Bass :: Pari

Here’s a piece of absolute chiptune detonation from two names that know how to pump the volume: Bart B More and Harvard Bass.  After releasing The Ones EP and touring together over the last year, they’re back with a bass cannon that takes two big producers to wield.

I’ll be honest, I heard this track on my SoundCloud widget without looking at the artist or track, and the first thing I thought was “Oh sick, new Boys Noize track!”  I don’t think that’s too unforgivable, since “Para” is driven by calculated German grime and very classic electro influence (and also that Bart B More released the Brap EP on Boyz Noize Records, and the two appeared on a BNR compilation not more than a month ago).

BONUS — Included with the release on Beatport is a remix by NOOB, using a little less crunch but making good use of the really fun vocal sample that makes it suited for after-hours applications.

*** LINKS ***

Bart B More :: website
Bart B More :: SoundCloud
Bart B More :: Facebook
Bart B More :: Twitter

Harvard Bass :: website
Harvard Bass :: SoundCloud
Harvard Bass :: Facebook
Harvard Bass :: Twitter


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