FEATURE // Spaceghost :: You’re There LP

Oakland-based producer Spaceghost is out with a new 13-track LP by way of Brooklyn label Astro Nautico, serving up some very haunting work that we are promptly adding to our “Lost in Space” playlist.

Right off the bat, “Sneaky/Sensual” sets the post-Dilla precedent with an incredibly well-crafted journey of organic moans and synthetic sighs.  Like many of the tracks on You’re There, it clocks in at around two minutes and is over far too soon, giving a fleeting quality to an already slippery and ethereal vibe.  Each track of jangly, shamanic percussion and space transmission lullaby is able to flow seamlessly together.

This may be because at its worst, the album imparts almost the same sense of dysphoria as its best moments.  It’s almost like the feeling of being trapped in Willy Wonka’s glass elevator, at the mercy of an aimless space vessel yet also a witness to the beauty of the voyage.  You may feel lost, but you’re already there.

*** LINKS ***
Spaceghost :: SoundCloud
Spaceghost :: Facebook
Spaceghost :: Twitter

Astro Nautico :: website
Astro Nautico :: Facebook


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