SINGLE // Royal T :: “Inside The Ride”

One of the things I love most is to discover a producer that’s younger than I am (which is saying something given that I’m not more than a few months over 21 years old).  It shows me that there are some seriously good tracks coming from that producer in the future, supposing I like the ones I see now (and that motivates me to work even harder on my own stuff).  Royal T is about the same age as I am, but he is trending like crazy on the JunoDownload charts.  For those not familiar, check out JunoDownloads.  Lots of great music there, and even though you’ve got to pay for it you can probably find it cheaper or just feel good about supporting great producers.

Royal T is a seriously great producer coming out of the UK, and as is sadly often the case, he is receiving nearly no attention from music blogs, especially in the US.  And that’s tragic because he’s got some serious talent.  I’m definitely looking forward to what this young Brit has to show us in the future.  This track, “Inside The Ride,” showcases some of the best Bass, UK future garage, dubstep, and gungle you’re likely to find anywhere.  I’m not one much for bangers, and it should say something that I’m into this banger based off that.  So without any further ado, here is “Inside The Ride.”

Royal-T :: Inside The Ride


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Royal-T :: Resident Advisor 


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