FEATURE // Lockah :: When U Stop Feeling Like A Weirdo & Become A Threat

*Long sigh* Another day, another stellar Jeffree’s release.  This time we’ve got new sounds from Scottish producer Lockah and a four-track EP of emotive tunes wandering between 8-bit, trap and garage.  They really do defy a quick genre label, and I expect these songs are a little too intimate to make it into the average rager’s party playlist, I definitely believe Lockah is on a very forward-thinking tip with this release.

Click here to download the entire When U Stop Feeling Like A Weirdo & Become A Threat EP —>

SoundCloud states that Lockah is “A resident and general proponent of the fringe-city of Aberdeen (think the Milwaukee of Scotland),” and I honestly have no clue what that is supposed to mean.  They must drink a LOT of beer there.  Either that, or I am completely unaware of Milwaukee’s bass scene.  It seems pretty clear that Lockah and his friends are basically running the town with his label Tuff Wax, and that breeding ground has produced one of the more unique releases of recent memory.

You don’t have to listen further than the first track “Now U Wanna” to get the idea that we’re sailing strange waters, mixing a timid opening groove with an explosive trap groove.  “Goons N Roses” explores that combo even further, jumping back and forth between the sounds of Dark Sky and Rick Ross.  “The Sour Drink From The Ocean” is nearly the same vibe but with a big dose of skweee dumped on top and the most memorable and soulful sample.  We’ve even got a little Denver representation on here with a remix from Pictureplane (well, at least he WAS a Denver resident), who gives “The Sour Drink From The Sea” a new-wave groove.

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Lockah :: website
Lockah :: SoundCloud
Lockah :: Facebook
Loockah :: Twitter
Lockah :: Tumblr


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