EP//Onra:: “Deep In The Night”

Earlier this week, French producer Onra released five track EP “Deep In The Night.” Full of throwback sounds nabbed from 80’s synth-pop, this funky and fresh EP features some more vocal work then your used to hearing from Onra, but he is on the money as always. I fell in love with Onra’s producing listening to his “Chinioseries” albums which he started creating after a trip to Viet Nam where he nabbed a collection of Chinese pop records from the 60’s and 70’s and began sampling heavily. The result is some of the boldest beats I’ve ever heard, but Onra has another side to his production. He’s got this great 80s synth-pop that style that picks up where the genre left off and brings some new and interesting ideas to the table. On “Deep In The Night” Onra seems to want to place you in a late night downtown Miami scene in the late 80’s and he does so with spot on accuracy. If your not familiar with Onra‘s work, get familiar. He is a highly ambitious producer that isn’t afraid to produce music he wants to, and the music he wants to produce is greatly unique and wonderful.

Deep In The Night:


Your thoughts?

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