SINGLE // Adam K :: “Crooks In the Kitchen” (Original Mix)

Here is another Canadian producer that has been on my radar for a few years now.  Adam K has undoubtable ability to create some kickass house music; be it tech house, techno, electro house, or any other subdivision of house music, he has probably released a track that will fit the model.  With over 15 years of experience in mastering sound design, production, and audio engineering, this guys ear can be trusted.

“Crooks in the Kitchen” (among other tracks) dramatically resembles Deadmau5‘s taste for trance.  Adam K has a definite style of his own, though, and here he throws his personal twist on it as soon as the winding-down build begins.  This track is perfect to get a day started.  Check out this new release as well as some of his older stuff, Adam K makes some of my favorite productions to date.

*** LINKS ***
Adam K :: Website
Adam K :: Soundcloud
Adam K :: Facebook


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