MIXTAPE // Dada Life :: June Mix

Committed fans to progressive house, electro house and the EDM genre itself are vigilantly aware of the fact that Swedish duo, Dada Life, made up of Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom, are unquestionably bat shit insane.  In their June mix, the pair gives us a taste of tracks by Knife Party, Tiesto and Showtek, a remix by native Dutch up-and-comer, Dyro, brand new productions by Gregori Klosman, Tony Romera, and Deniz Koyu, as well as their bewildering yet lucrative new remix for none other than The Bieb’s “Boyfriend”.  Their undeniably well-crafted sets never fall short of procuring a contagious madness on a dance floor, while their unfathomable energy sets a standard for what a top-notch gig should be.

The Swedish power duo seem to be gracefully penetrating the world with their off-kilter, shameless sense of humor and their harder-hitting electronic style.  The banana- and champagne-loving Swedes’ greasy sounds can be accredited to the plug in they call the “Sausage Fattener”, which hooks up to all formats working on a single format to compress music.

Dada Life, who say on their official website that they “destroy dance music, have fun, don’t look in the past, don’t think too much, and always follow the money,” were voted #38 by DJ Mag this year. This mix, in accordance with their previous mixes, is stacked full of bananas and champagne.

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Dada LIfe:: Twitter
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