FEATURE // BioLogic :: Lucid Dreams

Our Boulder homie BioLogic (Dustin Chernick) is unfortunately now our Seattle homie after returning home post-graduation, but I’m proud to at least have the opportunity  to share with you his debut full-length album Lucid Dreams.  Twelve tracks of sly rhymes and some very top-notch beats coming from

Like many of his Seattle peers (and for good reason), BioLogic is often thrown into the Seattle conscious rap movement.  It may be the soulful beats he chooses or the lack of belligerence in his flow, but it’s clear he is a product of Seattle’s tradition of thought-provoking and ear-catching MC’s.

There are, of course, plenty of nods to taking shots at house parties and other college trappings, but BioLogic is less the kid taking keg stands and more the kid on the roof passing a blunt between three friends.  Tongue-in-cheek jokes like “The shit hits the fan every time I stage dive” lend it a wise-ass college kid vibe from time to time, but BioLogic is at his best when real clarity comes through.

I’m most familiar and totally in love with the older tracks: “‘Round Midnight,” “Word,” “It’s All Attitude” and most of all “HipHop Head Count” (for which MAARTN laid down a disgustingly beautiful beat).  But just like any debut, the possibilities for the future are the most exciting.

Download Lucid Dreams for free from Bandcamp

BONUS — Here is a video for the track “Beautiful Night,” mainly to point out my cameo behind the wheels of steel at :45.

*** LINKS ***
BioLogic :: SoundCloud
BioLogic :: Facebook
BioLogic :: Twitter


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