SINGLE // GRiZ :: “You Got To Change”

Grant Kwiecinski has been on the scene for some time now and has toured around the U.S. under the stage name, GRiZ.  In the last year, the music on his Soundcloud has taken heavy dubstep, glitch, and hip-hop influences and melded them into a sound that can only be described as his own.  This summer seems like the perfect time for GRiZ to cool-off and take a dip into the “electro-soul pool” and he has emerged with “You Got To Change”.

Download “You Got To Change” here —>

This is an excellent remix (and the first I have personally heard) of Santana‘s “Evil Ways” and quite possibly a landmark in GRiZ‘s career.  Keeping Santana‘s brilliant guitar work as the main focal point of the song, GRiZ adds to the track with his signature deep pounding drums and ambient background loops.  The electro-soul genre almost by definition has an inherintly retro feel.  But, with “You Got To Change”, GRiZ delivers a track that transports you back to the 60’s and drops you off in the small New York town of Woodstock as Santana first made a hit out of “Evil Ways” nearly 50 years ago during his debut festival performance.


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