SINGLE // Passion Pit :: “I’ll Be Alright”

It has been a long time coming and just within the last month has it started to take shape for the public to see: Passion Pit is preparing for the July 24th release of their much anticipated sophomore album, Gossamer.  Last month Passion Pit unveiled the album art for the summertime release along with the first single “Take a Walk”.  Luckily enough listeners have another chance to get another sneak-peek inside the hidden world of Gossamer with the release of the album’s second single “I’ll Be Alright”.

“I’ll Be Alright” is unmistakably a Passion Pit song and it highlights the band’s innate ability to create carefree pop.  While the intro and versus are built upon frantic drum-rolls and a very prominent crash symbol, the ultimately soothing falsetto vocals of the chorus remind you that only Passion Pit can create such a unique brand of electro-pop.  “I’ll Be Alright” serves as an excellent beacon of light that helps shine upon an album that’s been the subject of high expectations for so many.

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