SINGLE // Above And Beyond :: Love Is Not Enough ft. Zoe Johnston (Synkro Remix)

Once again this morning, I’ve got a track with Synkro‘s magic all over it.  And believe me folks, there’s a reason that Synkro‘s a staple of my music collection.  This remix of Above And Beyond‘s “Love Is Not Enough” has more plays in my iTunes library than any other song.  Despite being a damn good song to begin with, Synkro‘s sprinkled all kinds of wicked bass and future garage all over this track to make it one hell of an eargasm.  I discovered it thanks to it being the outro Synkro‘s RA Podcast (297), and as a special treat I’ll include a link to that mix as well.  Believe me when I say that’s a podcast that’s literally changed the way I think about electronic music.

Above and Beyond “Love Is Not Enough (Synkro remix)”

And here is Synkro’s absolutely breathtaking Resident Advisor podcast, available for download through Mixesdb.


Synkro :: Resident Advisor

Synkro :: Facebook

Synkro :: SoundCloud


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