MIXTAPE // The Dub Mechz :: 30MinMechanichs Mix

Musical fads come and go, and more often than not, they come back around a few more times.  One of those genres will probably be immortal in my opinion is dub.  I’m not talking about shorthand for dubstep, I mean real reggae dub, which is my preferred headspace medication and the soundtrack of winter playgrounds and summer lawns alike.

I don’t have nearly enough of it, though, and that’s why I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across The Dub Mechz and a very solid minimix I will surely turn to for future dub purposes.  The mix features — you guess it — thirty minutes of high-grade dub and mostly original tracks from these two South London dubmonkeys.

Download The Dub Mechz “30MinuteMechanichz” mix here —>

The mix is from about eight months back at this point, so to add a little perspective I’ll throw in The Dub Mechz most recent SoundCloud nugget — “Special Herb,” which is timed perfectly with my post-LIB binge of gypsy beats.

*** LINKS ***
The Dub Mechz :: SoundCloud
The Dub Mechz :: Facebook
The Dub Mechz :: Twitter


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