MIXTAPE // Phuture Phil :: Phuture Sessions Mini Mix 05/2012

As the EDM scene continues to lurch forward into the mainstream and allow the influence of popular demand to sterilize and ‘pop-ify’ its sound for mass consumption, (Source: WSJ… I know, right?) I find an ever-deepening urge to both:

a) find the guy who requested Calvin Harris play ‘Call Me Maybe’ at Tryst, and kick him square in the balls, because he represents all that is evil and wrong with EDM today.

b) delve deeper into underground electronic music and get lost in a warehouse party somewhere.

Luckily, DJs like Phuture Phil (Aka. Phil Barker) still exist in the thriving electronic music community of Boulder, CO to fight back against this cultural stupor by pursuing the less confrontational option (b).  His latest mix, Phuture Sessions May Mini Mix 2012 is a short and sweet 32 min set with cool house tunes by the likes of Audiojack, Attack Yourself!, and Justin Faust.  Phil knows how to keep it groovy in the Phuture, so listen to his sounds and don’t miss a chance to see one of his DJ sets around town.

*** LINKS ***

Phuture Phil :: Facebook

Phuture Phil :: Twitter

Phuture Phil :: Beatport


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