INTERVIEW :: Govinda :: Horace the Sun God, Mysticism, and Shaking your Ass

Austin-based musical genie Govinda (Shane Madden) is a master of mystic flair.  It’s easy to look steezy when you’re sitting back in the most plush of dressing room tents with two beautiful dancers lounging around, but Shane had won us over well before we met up with him for a quick pre-show rundown of the stunning set to come.

So how is the universe treating you today?

The universe is perfect today.  Everything is in line, my power is on-point, and I just got this new piece so I feel good.

For our readers at home, can you describe said piece?

[Holds out necklace] Said piece apparently is Horace, the god of the sun.  It’s Egyptian.  I felt drawn to this piece just because I saw it and loved it, and I felt the energy of it.  But I don’t know anything about it.  I learned that it was from Egypt, that’s all!

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “the power,” here at LIB?

Well, of course.  I feel like everybody that gathers here has an intention for evolving, and being open human vessels for love and experience.  The music that I make is all about that, and that’s why we all come together to experience the joy of life and evolving and being human spirits and dancing about.  I think when everyone comes with a conscious intention for that, it’s very powerful.  And we’re powerful human being.

The next question is fan-submitted: how do you make your music so sexy?

[Laughs] Oh, well… sensuality has always been a big inspiration in my life.  Anything that feels good and tantalizes the body inspires me, so I feel like when you move and experience the senses, it’s nice to have sounds that cushion you into the movement.

That’s actually a pretty eloquent way of saying what I was going to ask you next.  I personally view your music – and a lot of the music here, actually – as being very “mystic.”  But I’ve been trying to figure out what exactly that word means.  Do you think it’s possible for mystic vibes to NOT be sexy?

I think it’s all probably in the eye or the ear of the beholder.  If you want it to be sexy, if it’s sexy to you, and it may be sexy to some people and not to others if you’re ready to hear it that way, but I think in general, the mystic quality – mysticism – is sexy because it’s kind of dancing about the unknown.  Whenever you have soething that has a mystical quality or doesn’t state everything, the imagination takes over.  And I think the senses enjoy that.

Yeah, I think it doesn’t mean hocus-pocus voodoo magic as much as it is, maybe internal mysticism?  That actually true mysticism is discovering truths within instead of without.  Do you think all the mystical music going on is actually about discovering real, concrete truths instead of how to… astral project, I’ll throw out there.

Yeah, I think the mystical quality of this festival definitely taps into a place in our bodies or in our spirits that are not as mundane, and more about the ethereal or the intangible – the dancing, the floating, the dreaming we do in our lives that help us evolve.  Part of that is learning how to really experience our senses as human beings.

Do you think dancing is a conduit to that?

Absolutely.  Dancing is a powerful way to experience your body and all the senses that we’re born with.

It makes you look sexy too, right?

Yeah, I think so. [Laughs]  Well, it makes you look sexy.

You don’t even know, brother. [Laughs]  Thank you for your time.

Yeah, no problem!  Thank you.


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