CULTURE // Grinders, Hold the Beef Art Show :: Fort Collins, CO :: 6.2.12

Fort Collins has always been known for fostering burgeoning artists – and on Friday, June 2nd, this northern Colorado city continued it’s tradition.  While there were numerous galleries and bars hosting First Friday art walk events, The Luscious Nectar hosted by far the most bangin’ bash with it’s Grinders, Hold the Beef Art Show.  The exhibition featured the talents of three Colorado artists: Berk Visual of Elm and Oak, Page of Gumba Crew and Scotty Roebuck.

This creative trio came together to showcase their individual work and forge a collaborative live painting produced during the show’s opening.  Spectators were able to witness the progress of the painting over the course of the evening and experience the evolution of a large blank canvas into a complex interworking of paint, pen and style.

The finished painting is currently hanging in the Luscious Nectar with the other artists’ work and is up for auction now until July 2nd.  To bid go to “The Art of Scotty Roebuck” facebook page post your bid in the form of a comment on the final piece’s photo.

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Elm and Oak :: Facebook
Scotty Roebuck :: Facebook


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