SINGLE // Curren$y :: “Off Dat ((Bonus Track))”

Curren$y Spitta (or just Curren$y) has been prepping the U.S. for years with a slew of street produced and released LPs and mixtapes since 2009.  Now, after working with some of the most successful names in the Hip-Hop world like Master P, Lil Wayne, and Wiz Khalifa it was time for the highly regarded Curren$y to release his much anticipated studio debut admirably titled, Stoned Immaculate.  Oh Mr. Mojo Risin, how your words still ring true for the youth of America 40+ years after your death.  Curren$y hits us one more time with his linguistic insights on the stoned-life with a Souncloud bonus track release of “Off Dat” from Stoned Immaculate.

This is truly a summertime guilty pleasure.  While Curren$y is no socially conscious rapper, he does an excellent job of giving us a glimpse into his world of the road, women and his significant other (yes, there is a difference), rollin’ an old school Chevy (presumably an Impala), and of course large diamonds coupled with copious amounts of *cough, cough*.  Underneath Curren$y‘s ultra-laid back, carefree, and smooth delivery is an electro-soul hip-hop beat that is reminiscent of a classic Michal Menert track.  It now makes sense why its been a total of three long years to get a studio-debut from such a prolific rapper; it has taken time for the worlds of Hip-Hop and EDM to meet eye-to-eye.


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