PHOTOS // Flosstradamus & The Magician :: Summit Music Hall, Denver, CO :: 6/9/12

My first time at Summit Music Hall is a big one.  Renowned DJ duo Flosstradamus makes their next Denver appearance as their star continues to rise, and a crowd hungry for summer jams got buck wild.  You only need to flip through a few of our pictures that night to see exactly how buck.

Summit has a post-industrial feel that is a great environment for electronic music, and I must admit it’s my first time here.  What used to be a venue known for local metal shows is now bumping with a club feel in full effect.

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We arrive during Plastic Plates, apparently right behind an enormous rush of people.  He came with big, heavy basslines and 120 BPM disco beats, sounded like Ed Banger-style French-electro with an emphasis on pop.  The crowd was young but very mixed and diverse, with cougars and cubs alike.

It was clear that many people came to see The Magician.  I swear I saw a flyer that listed him as the headliner, and was surprised to walk up to Summit and see Flosstradamus on the marquee instead.  I shouldn’t be too surprised: Flosstradamus was just nominated for “DJ of the Year” in DJ Times, and they are leading the charge of the future trap movement that has become the newest craze in electronic music.

Regardless, most of the people we ran into were Magician fans, who would probably argue that midtempo tech house is all the rage.  The Magician‘s set had a very upbeat, groovy feel full of positivity.  The love was palpable, and the energy shifted up a gear as he slipped into the mix after Plastic Plates had thoroughly warmed up the room.  I couldn’t figure out what was in the mystery bag that The Magician loaded with free handouts, but it was clear the love went both ways.

It was shocking to see the crowd thin out a bit after The Magician gave the Floss boys a hug and said his farewells, but that didn’t mean the energy dipped in any way.  The transition from groovy house to spunky trap was a little jarring, but if there was any reason for the crowd to thin, it was so the die-hard Flosstradamus fans could get their swerve on 360 degrees.  Many stayed well past the end and screamed for an encore.

In between, I was reminded just how many killer Flosstradamus tracks are out now.  Everything on the Total Recall EP is a gem, and hearing the title track live was a dream come true.  The rest of the set was filled with like-minded bangers like Baauer‘s “Harlem Shake,” their collab with Diplo on “Original Don,” and, of course, Candyland‘s remix of “Sandstorm.”  And, unsurprisingly, crumpled dollar bills rained on the crowd.

Future trap has a definite future.  Dirty Southern hip-hop was the soundtrack of college house parties circa 2005, and now that sound is making a comeback with the help of EDM production.  Flosstradamus is one of many artists who have recognized this connection and are now blowing up as a result, but few have been doing it for as long (or as immaculately) as J2K and DJ Autobot.


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