SINGLE// Janksta :: “Calling A Hero” (Janksta’s Electro Remix)

Give it up for my boy Nick Janke with this fantastic electro remix of his original track “Calling A Hero.”  If you haven’t had the pleasure to be acquainted with Janksta yet, here is a great chance to catch wind of this Colorado native’s music.  Beginning as the electro/dubstep duo Funk n’ Nasty, Nick began his Janksta project in order to focus more on original productions and refine his electro house sound.  With just a few short months in the game flying solo, he has signed on with Antiblaze Records and has had two beatport exclusive tracks.

The original “Calling a Hero” serves up a great main room sound with Michelle Martinez’s complimenting voice, where the electro remix strikes closer to the sound you can hear from Janksta‘s live sets. The hi hat and snare work is indicative of his roots as a drummer, but the synth and vocal work demonstrates Janksta‘s ability to deliver a hard-hitting sound with uplifting melodies.

Be sure to check out some of his other work as well as his kickass Thursday nights at Half Fast Subs.

*** LINKS ***

Janksta :: Soundcloud
Janksta :: Facebook
Antiblaze Records :: Soundcloud


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