FEATURE // Clams Casino :: Instrumental Mixtape 2

Clams Casino, the left-winged leader of the movement Lil B has dubbed “Based Music”, has dropped his 2nd volume of instrumentals this week.  The 24-year-old producer from New Jersey has blazed tracks for A$AP Rocky, Lil B, Soulja Boy, Squadda B, Mac Miller, and most notably has been releasing his instrumentals for free download the past year.  Along with this mixtape, he has released Instrumental Mixtape 1, Rainforest EP, along with remixes of Lana Del Rey, Big K.R.I.T., and Washed Out.  The first beat I found by him, titled “I’m God”, back in September absolutely blew me away.   A kind of love at first listen, if you will.  Ever since then I’ve always kept a good look out for anything this dude drops, because you can always expect some godly bass-driven hip-hop productions.  420 Friendly.

Download the full Instrumental Mixtape 2 here —>

Clams Casino :: I’m God

The word “Beautiful” doesn’t even fully describe the sound thrown into this mixtape.  Clams Casino takes us on a journey of atmospheric sound scape’s and bass ridden melodic beats, as expected.  The highly anticipated LiveLoveA$AP beats are included, as well as beats he worked on with The Weeknd, Mac Miller, Lil B, and Squadda B. Also included in the mixtape are his remixes, as well as an unreleased track titled “Human”.  One thing that stood out on this release, besides the unreleased track, was the fact that he decided to add “I’m God.”  Even though the track is a year old, it never made it onto Instrumental Mixtape 1, so its nice to see that he finally officially released it.

Clams Casino :: Wassup

The unreleased track, “Human”, follows in traditional Clams Casino steeze.  A deep bass line slowly riding out the song, accompanied by minimal amounts of kick and snare.  The vocals in the beat are sick, following suit to his legendary use of samples.  His choice of melodic vocals samples always seem to gently echo through my ears, my favorite aspect to a Clams Casino production.

Clams Casino :: Human

Download the full Instrumental Mixtape 2 here —>

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