INTERVIEW // Dream Rockwell of Lucent Dossier Experience :: Realizing the Dream, The Lucent Temple of Consciousness, Alien Visitors and Group Prayer.

If you want to get to the bottom of the LIB experience, Dream Rockwell is a fantastic person to get to know.  Not only is she a founding member of the Lucent Dossier Experience and The Do LaB as well, but she was behind one of the best aspects of LIB 2012; namely, the Lucent Temple of Consciousness.  Read on as we plunge further into discovering the hidden energy of LIB.

So start by introducing yourself: who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Dream Rockwell.  I am the director of the Lucent Dossier Experience, one of the founders of The Do LaB and the Lightning in a Bottle festival.

And you are actually one of the performers in Lucent Dossier, is that correct?

Yeah, I am.

Which one of the characters were you?  For the people who were there, would they recognize you somehow as like demon A or angel B?

[Laughs] Yeah, I am the singer.  I am all in gold with the big headdress.

So you are, I guess in a lot of ways, one of the masterminds behind everything that is going here.  Have you been with it since the beginning?

I have, I have. Been right here since the beginning.  It’s been nine, almost ten years.

So if you could show yourself from ten years ago what would be happening right now, do you think it would be in line with what you originally imagined?

Yeah, absolutely.  It’s so funny, when you said that it I was like “If it makes me feel like I’m gonna cry just thinking about it…” because when you said that you made me realize that what we were trying to achieve and what we originally came together to achieve is happening right now.

Can you elaborate on that?

I think when I first met Josh and Jesse, at the time working with a circus called Dream Circus and I had been producing events in New York.  I produced a thing called Lunatic Fringe in New York, which was kind of a spoken-work/open-mic situation in a loft.  And then I had just come here.  I had been doing some other things in between, and I had gone to Burning Man and I was just running around going crazy at Burning Man, y’know, probably half-naked.

And I encountered this being.  And he was very grounded, very like a warrior king or something.  And he just stopped me in the tracks and said, “What are you doing with you life?”  And I said “Well, I live in New York but I’m gonna move to L.A.”  He then asked, “What do you do?”  I said, “I’m a singer, I am a dancer, I make costumes.  I produce these events, I’m doing all this stuff.”  And he’s like, “Oh, really.” And he is like super serious.  And he was like “If you arrive in L.A. like that, people are going to laugh at you.”

And I was like, they’re gonna laugh at me? And I felt like… y’know.  And he was like “You need a point on your arrow.  Get a point on your arrow, and when you get your point, come back and talk to me and well carry on from there” And so I was like…


[Laughs] Yeah totally!  Like I’m at Burning Man, I’m here to have fun.  Now I gotta get a point on my arrow?  Well, within probably an hour or less, probably within 45 minutes or so, I saw it all.  I saw a circus that traveled that created an environment that people could come into and make art and express themselves.  There would be dancing and music, performance, everything.  I mean basically what LIB has become is what I envisioned.  And it would travel from city to city all over the world, so it would go from one place to the next.  And each place, new people would come in who have never experienced this kind of environment where they could really express themselves, for real, you know, and love openly with other beings and talk about concepts and ideas that are a little taboo, out in what I call “the square world” where things are “on the grid” [laughs].

So I think that yes it’s happening. And when I met the boys they had similar concepts and ideas of what they wanted to do.

So this is… Josh and Jesse [Fleming]?

Originally it was Josh and Jesse, but there is brother Dede, and Monica and Y2… I mean the core group has just grown and grown and grown.

I see.  So I want to go back to the story that you told.  I think that’s relevant because I think at pretty much any music festival or any kind of big gathering like this there is always the possibility of expression, and that’s kind of what makes them fun.  But I think that what we have here is different then that, there is something more to it and I think it’s exactly what you touched on before.  It’s the intention behind it.


And that it’s not simply a place where you can get fucked up and listen to a lot of music and stuff like that.  There really is some palpable intent to better yourself, not just eat some acid and have crazy revelations that are forgotten the next day.

Yeah, yeah.

People are actually serious about developing themselves.  Anyway, the question is, how do you think the Lucent Temple of Consciousness and that whole part of the festival aids in what I’m talking about?  I think that’s actually one of the main magnets for that entire thing.

Thank you.  Yeah, so I feel like most of my focus now, almost my entire focus is on the Temple of Consciousness in terms of the festival.  I love bringing these amazing speakers that talk in all kinds of different languages.  And when I say languages, I’m not talking about German or French or Italian, I’m talking about the modality of the information they are bringing through.  They are bringing through really different types of information from something as down to earth as making beer to talking as an extraterrestrial about the entities and beings that are out in the universe right now with their eyes on us waiting to see if were going to wake up on Planet Earth.

On the subject of aliens, let me ask you this question: imagine that there was an intergalactic rave, a huge dance party where all the creatures of the universe got together, and all these crazy beings gathered in one place to get down.  And you were DJing this giant universal rave. What song would you put on?

[Laughs] Well it’s interesting that you say that because it is in our conversations all the time when we’re writing music for Lucent.  That’s always what we’re thinking about.  I feel like they love like really beautiful, melodic… like bells and strings and high melodic awesome beautifulness.  And I also think they like deep bass, and I feel like they like full spectrum music.

And one of the things we’re just starting to explore right now is the concept of full spectrum music and the idea that the musical scale that we are using right now is actually missing some notes because they were removed when the Catholic Church deemed them demonic.

So we’ve been playing around more with Middle eastern scales and also just exploring what… if you were going into sacred geometry and translating that into music, what would that be?  What would that look like, that and what would that sound like?  And what notes would we need to find in order to create that full spectrum?


So we’ve been exploring and playing with this and putting it into our music, and we’re going to continue to explore and play with it and put it in our music.  I feel like there are many races of beings that do have their eyes on us right now.  I personally am in contact with beings from other dimensions.  I am definitely communicating on a daily basis, getting advice and information.  I am totally open to what they have to say to me.  I’ve had physical interactions with entities from other dimensions.  And, I know that they want us to wake up.  And they want us to create a world that they can actually physically come into.

So I’m devoting my life to that process, helping as many people around me to open their hearts, because that, I believe, is the key.  If we want to interact with beings from other planets and galaxies, we have to open our heart.  If we are a warring, violent planet, they are not going to come here.  They can’t come here.  Every time they try and get near we shoot missiles at them, it’s just insane.  So I think that the more we open our hearts the more loving we become, the greater the possibility of a very strong interaction there will be.

And that’s where the music comes in.

Yeah, so music that opens up hearts is great. And I will also say this; I want to add one more thing.  I think it’s key if you are a person who is interested in creating that kind of environment, that you also add into the music elements that bridge the gap.  There has to be a bridge between what people want now and are used to now and the new dimension. So you are presenting both together.

And I think with Lucent that’s what we’re always trying to do.  So we get really wild and crazy and really dark and dirty, and then we blast in the light.  And I hope that that’s a bridge for people who are more maybe playing with darker elements right now, they will get attracted to that darkness and be like “Ahh, I like this wild darkness, this sexual weird crazy shit,” and then all of a sudden its like boom, blast you open!

And I think as we go, we are going too become more into the heart opening, we’re going to leave some of our darkness behind, as the world leaves its darkness behind we will too.

One of the transformational moments I had this weekend was at EOTO doing exactly what you said, just blasting people away with machine gun percussion, and then Lucent followed that by basically doing a giant group prayer.

Yeah, we did.

And I have to share this with you, actually like I think it’s my favorite “LIB moment.”  I was standing there just looking at all these people who had there hands together [in prayer] and everybody was just vibing hard, you know, super quiet and even though I’m at this giant concert I feel like my steps are too loud.  So I was just standing there, just feeling it, soaking it all in with my eyes closed.  And then this girl runs up out of nowhere and yells, “IS THIS LUCID DOSS… uhmm [puts hands together, closes eyes].  [Whispers] “Is this Lucent Dossier?  These are my friends!”

[Laughs] yeeeeaaah!

It was just… it was just awesome.

That’s Maribai Devi.  I told this story on stage but my mom gave me Maribai Devi’s book.  My mom was in a book club in Bahrain, and somebody brought that book in.  And then my mom gave it to me, and I’ve had that book for close to 10 years and it’s been on my night side table.  And whenever I have a problem or anything, its just one of those books you just open to a page, you don’t read it cover-to-cover necessarily.  It has the most incredible knowledge and information for dealing with anything.  It’s a small book and it in large print.

For me to bring her and share her with Lightning in a Bottle it was just like GAH.  You have to go see her talk tomorrow for you to get the full blast of her, but it was amazing for me to just share that ten minutes of her with everyone.  Little heart opening.

Yeah, thanks for doing it, it was unexpectedly incredible.  Thank you so much, Dream!

Yeah of course, we’ll see you all at Desert Rocks!


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