SINGLE // Synkro :: Memories of Love

I told you a little while ago that I’d be posting more things from Synkro when I posted about him and Jack Dixon, and what can I say?  I’m no liar.  If you haven’t heard of Synkro, you’re seriously missing out.  Burial‘s little brother has been pumping out flawless music for quite a while, and I’m rather shocked given the quality of this track from earlier this year that it didn’t blow up on all the music blogs.  Especially poignant for those like myself still hanging on to memories of love, the song by the same name is just over three and a half minutes of electronic ambient gold with lots of future garage influence.

Synkro “Memories of Love”



Synkro :: SoundCloud

Synkro :: Facebook

Synkro :: Resident Advisor


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