SINGLE// Madeon :: Finale ((Teaser))

The 18 year old French producer Madeon is about to blow us all away again with his new single “Finale.”  After his YouTube post in 2011 of “Pop Culture,” a live mash-up of thirty nine songs on a Novation launchpad, we all expected great things to come. His new single features vocals from “Walk The Moons” Nicholas Petricca, whose voice is a mysterious element that is pushing the listener to rally for something more.  The combination between Madeon‘s skill and Petricca’s vocals is explosive.

& Madeon’s youtube video “Pop Culture”

Madeon :: Youtube
Madeon :: Facebook
Madeon :: Soundcloud
Madeon :: Twitter 

Walk The Moon :: Website
Walk The Moon :: Facebook
Walk The Moon :: Soundcloud

By ashufo Posted in Music

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