SINGLE // Branko :: Going in Hard ft. Dominique Young Unique

Time to get rich.. Branko, formerly known as J-Wow (until the Jersey Shore cast member J-Woww soiled his good name, he decided to change for the better) is a producer from Lisbon, Portugal and was the driving force and one of the main producers in Buraka Som Sistema, a Portugese indie band.  Now he’s produced tracks for labels like Deadly Records and Mad Decent.  His new track, “Going in Hard,” features vocals from 19-year-old Dominique Young Unique.

The track progresses like a dubstep-structured trap tune and its tempo lets it easily drop into a jungle beat.  With tracks like this, it’s easy to see how UK genres like jungle and grime are going to start to make their way to the mainstream in the US; the drop in this song is not unlike something you might hear at a Skream, Benga, or Rusko show; the swag appeal is hard to ignore.  Enjoy and download the original track, as well as remixes by Astronomar & Swick, French Fries, and BeatauCue.

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Branko :: Facebook
Branko :: Twitter
Branko :: Soundcloud


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